If you’re into backcountry skiing or splitboarding touring you should be aware that there’s a company out of Montana with the sole focus of producing the world’s best skins and they are worth checking out.

Big Sky Mountain Products (BSMP) out of Bozeman, Montana has a goal of providing skiers and snowboarders with the most reliable, durable, and sustainable climbing skins in the world without sacrificing performance.

They’ve been working for years developing long lasting glue that performs well in sub-zero temps, super durable tip and tail connectors, and a plush skin surface that stands up to the most abrasive conditions in world. Their skins have put through quality control tests in extreme environments like Antarctica, The Himalayas, and Denali and have passed with flying colors.

“Our mohair mix and synthetic climbing skins are at least as light and fast as any European climbing skins in their respective classes. Their low-profile build and 20cm tail straps minimize bulk and weight, while their low-angle plush gives them superior glide. Our skins’ blend of reliability and performance makes them the perfect choice for both larger expeditions and shorter tours in your home range.”

One thing that we really appreciate about BSMP is their commitment to the industry’s environmental impact. BSMP offers a state of the art reglue service ($79.99) to keep skins out of the landfill when they’re stickiness starts to degrade. They offer this service not only for their own product but for all skin brands (kudos on that, super awesome).

REGLUE YOUR SKINS THE RIGHT WAY…BSMP’s mechanized process is the only way to reglue your skins if you want a guaranteed high-quality, long-lasting, safe, and convenient finished product. Rather than dealing with the mess of DIY, fill out the form below and send your skins off to BSMP. In a short time, you’ll receive them back and your glue will be good as (or better than) new.

If you’re shopping skins we highly recommend you consider a set from BSMP. If you’re looking for a good place to start their Mohair Mix Endurance Ski Skins are a great example of what you can expect from this sweet little Montana company. Cheers!

Here’s a handy guide from Big Sky Mountain Products on how to cut their ski skins: