“The Name a Snowplow Contest has been a great way to kick off our winter snow removal operations and to engage our residents in a fun activity. We look forward to seeing the winning names on the city’s snowplows during this winter season.” –Director of Public Works, Anush Nejad

If you like puns put on a party hat and pour a drink because The South Lake Tahoe “Name a Snowplow Contest” top ten names have been released and they are incredible. Residents were able to vote from a pool of 36 names for the snowplows over a 3 week period and 1000+ votes were cast. Here are the winners in order of most votes received:

1. The Big LePlowski

2. Plowy McPlowface

3. Scoop Dog

4. Snowbi Wan Kenobi

5. Darth Blader

6. Sled Zeppelin

7. Clearopathra

8. Sleetwood Mac

9. Austin Plowers

10. Snowbacca

Hard to choose which is the best but “Clearopathra” is next level clever. Love it. The names will be featured on decals this winter. Can’t wait to see them maintaining the roads with the new names!

Here’s a breakdown of the votes:

City of South Lake Tahoe tips for snowplow safety:

• Do not play on berms or sled down them. While we know it’s tempting to sled down these tall berms, please do not sled into the street. Snowplows and cars may not see you playing or be able to stop in time if you come flying down into the street on your sled. 

• Stay far away from the road when standing or playing outside. Our plow trucks are big, with blind spots, and a driver may not see you if you are standing too close to the road. A plow driver has low visibility as snow flies onto the windshield. This makes it hard for the driver to see anyone along the road. Plows can also throw large chunks of ice and snow as they pass and the flying debris could hurt you.

• Never tunnel or build forts in the snowbanks along the side of the road. Snowplow drivers will not see you if you have tunneled into a snowbank. If you’re in the tunnel, you could be “snowed in” when a truck plows next to you.

• Wear bright colors so that our drivers can see you better if you are outside. This one goes for adults as well when you are shoveling or snow blowing your driveway. 

• Please keep pets inside or on a leash if they are outdoors. A loose pet can quickly run into the street and a plow driver or car may not be able to stop in time to avoid running into them especially with ice buildup on roads.

images from abc7newsbayarea IG