Wild video out of the highlands of Scotland where adventure photographer Dan Milner got a face full of wild stag during a trip to snap pics for the now defunct magazine Transworld Snowboarding around Cairngorm, The Lecht and Glencoe ski resorts back in March of 2011.

Dan got a puncture wound on his nose and scratch on his camera lens which ended up costing him £1,400. Dan had a sense of humor about the incident and posted this quote to his personal blog:

“You’d think I’d be braced for pretty much anything the weather can throw at me by now with 15 years of pro shooting in remote corners of the world tucked under my belt, but hey ho, Scotland was playing its joker when it came to photographer-bashing last week.”

Scottish stags, or red deer (Cervus elaphus), are iconic symbols of the Scottish Highlands, embodying the rugged and majestic beauty of the region. With their impressive antlers, these majestic creatures are a common sight in the expansive landscapes of Scotland. The stags play a central role in Scottish folklore and traditions, often symbolizing strength, resilience, and the untamed spirit of the Highlands.

During the autumn rutting season, male stags engage in fierce battles for dominance and mating rights. The haunting sound of their echoing roars fills the air as they establish their territories and compete for the attention of hind groups. The sight of a powerful stag silhouetted against the dramatic Scottish scenery is a testament to the wild and untamed nature of the Highlands.

Conservation efforts have been crucial in preserving the red deer population, balancing their presence with the delicate ecosystems of the Scottish landscape. These efforts contribute to the overall biodiversity and maintain the ecological balance of the region.

Encountering a Scottish stag in its natural habitat is a captivating experience, evoking a sense of awe and connecting visitors with the untamed spirit of the Scottish Highlands.

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