Very close call for this Lake Tahoe skier who nearly collided with a black bear while skiing down Ridgerun Trail at Heavenly Ski Resort. Thankfully their paths did not intersect but it was super close.

ABC10 reports the video of the incident which was posted TikTok was filmed Sunday morning. The skier felt extremely lucky that he was able to avoid an impact and felt better after seeing the juvenile bear reunite with its mother off the side of the trail.

Glad this little fella made across the trail without getting struck. Lets hope it learned its lesson and avoids active ski trails in the future:


Almost hit a bear skiing down ridgerun Heavenly. Didn’t realize it was a bear until it was too close #Tahoe #LakeTahoe #tahoelife #travel #heavenly #ski #bear #wildanimals

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The black bears of Lake Tahoe, California, are a fascinating and integral part of the region’s diverse ecosystem. These bears, Ursus americanus, thrive in the lush coniferous forests surrounding the iconic alpine lake. Known for their distinctive black fur, these bears exhibit a remarkable adaptability to their mountainous habitat.

During summer, when the lake’s surroundings burst into vibrant colors, the bears forage for berries, nuts, and insects. Lake Tahoe’s plentiful vegetation provides an abundant food source, allowing the black bears to fatten up for the approaching winter months. As autumn descends, these bears undergo hyperphagia, a period of increased feeding, to build up fat reserves for their winter hibernation.

Human-bear encounters are not uncommon in the Lake Tahoe area, as these intelligent creatures navigate both natural and urban landscapes. Conservation efforts and educational programs aim to promote coexistence while minimizing potential conflicts. Residents and visitors are encouraged to secure their food and garbage to prevent bears from becoming accustomed to human-related food sources.

The black bears of Lake Tahoe represent a symbol of the delicate balance between wildlife and human communities, emphasizing the importance of responsible conservation practices in preserving the region’s ecological integrity.

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