What Water Well Drilling Methods are Employed Today by Drill Rig Companies?

piling rigMore than 97% of the Earth’s freshwater resource is underground, from several to hundreds of feet below the soil one can reach the aquifer bed. Aquifers are bodies of rock and/or sediment capable of storing or holding groundwater. 

In the absence of access to local water supply, installing or putting up water well is sometimes the best or, sometimes, maybe the only practical solution for remote communities to have access to a decent supply of water. 

Aside from remote communities, the agriculture sector and various manufacturing industries also rely on putting up their water wells to help accommodate their water supply requirements. 

Regardless of what it is intended for, a water well is a hole that has been drilled into the ground to bring the underground water to the surface. Water wells are usually less than 3m or 10 ft in diameter, though measurements are expressed in centimeters (inches). 

Here are some of the techniques employed by top drill rig companies when working on a project that will have them drill on water well. 

Rotary Drilling

Rotary drilling is the most commonly used well drilling process in the country today, and everywhere else. The working principle behind rotary drilling is based on a rotating drill stem consisting of 15-foot lengths of drill tubing. 

At the end of the column of drill tubing, a bit is connected to a strong stabilizer or drill collar. The extra weight and greater outside diameter of the stabilizer just above the bit aid in maintaining a straight drill hole.

A drilling fluid, either mud or air, is made to circulate down the drill stem. It will get its way out through the nozzles in the bit, and back along the outside of the drill stem. The spinning motion of the bit will break up the material. 

As for the role of the drilling fluid, its function is to transport or bring the cuttings to the surface. Upon reaching the surface, they will settle out or get accumulated in a mud tank.

Cable Tool Drilling

Drill rig companies also know cable tool drilling by the name of percussion drilling or spudding. This method of drilling, which can be considered as among the most widely used methods of drilling, outnumbers other kinds of drilling equipment in the country. 

oil rig

In reality, some rigs are combinations of rotary-cable tools. This makes it possible for the drill machine operator to simultaneously use the rotary with the cable tool’s casing driving capability. 

While it is seen by industry insiders as a slower way to drill through the earth, the cable tool is not at all costly. Besides, it is also much easier to use than a rotary drill rig and is applicable in almost all geologic conditions. 


A water well is considerably more than just a hole dug in the ground. To avoid contamination of groundwater, it is paramount that drill rig companies use the correct equipment and employ suitable drilling methods.

Licensed and bonded water well constructors have the required equipment, skills, and experience to construct a well properly.