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What are Common Mistakes When Styling a House for Sale?

It is different when you are styling a house for sale compared to when you are styling a home to live in. The real estate world is now considering home staging as integral to any successful home selling process.

Staging indoor spaces of a home usually involves engaging a seasoned property stylist first who will take charge of setting up your indoor space in such a way that it becomes appealing to a broader market.

styling a house for saleMost of the time, your enlisted home stylist will take out the majority of your furniture, including personal belongings, and replace them with an array of carefully selected decor items and pieces of furniture.

There are cases that these professional home stagers have their warehouse of articles of furniture, and they are for their exclusive use only. For those who don’t have their stock of furniture items, they seek out the help of furniture hire companies and rent out some good pieces which they think to the design concept they have in mind.

The growing popularity of home staging in the real estate industry has something to do with the fact that it works wonders as far as generating buyer interest is concerned. If you want to sell your home at a top dollar amount fast, staging your home the right way is imperative.

Styled indoor spaces or homes are likely to spend lesser amounts of time on the property market as opposed to those that did not receive any staging work.

Not everyone, though, can afford the services of a professional property stylist. At this point, a homeowner is more inclined to resort to taking on a DIY styling approach to their home staging concerns. Due to the lack of technical know-how and experience, they are susceptible to commit mistakes and will work to their disadvantage because it can deter a sale.

Here are some of the most common mistakes homeowners make when taking on a DIY styling approach:

Failure to Remove personal photos, memorabilia, and decor pieces

You may own the property being staged for sale, but that is not a good reason for you to deliberately leave your mark on your property or your trail that indicates your ownership. Therefore, it is paramount that you take away personal photos, decor, or any other accent pieces that can serve as a reminder of you as the property owner.

Failure to revamp wall paints to white

A bright pink wall may look good for you on a personal level, evoking the bright personality that you have, but take this advice from us it will fail big time in converting inspectors into sure buyers. We encourage you to paint over your feature walls first before staging it up for the sale process.

If you have wallpaper on it, we recommend that you strip it away, and have them back into white instead.

Freshly painted white walls will give it a much needed fresher look. Besides, it will also brighten up the vibe of the whole space. White painted walls will also help your potential buyer see how they can personalize the entire area to their liking and preference.

Failure to Organize Cupboards

If you are a homeowner, you’d know that cupboards are your best allies when it comes to concealing your sins out of sight. If you are going to put your home in the property market, you must anticipate that they will have a keen interest to open even your cupboard doors.

Potential buyers would want to check out everything to see how much storage space they have. So, as a homeowner, your best direction here is to declutter your cupboards and organize their contents. Make it a goal to make them neat and tidy.

Less Furniture is More

Some families feel they need to extend their sofa or their random armchairs to make sure that there is enough seating capacity for everyone in their family. This goal they have is making them oblivious to the fact that having less in their living spaces is more enriching.

Our best advice here is to remove your herculean furniture pieces out of the house. Most of the time, they consume a significant amount of space rendering the area cramped, and thus your movement inside those spaces constricted.

If you allow more space to get between every piece of your furnishings, you will marvel at the results because you will make a particular room look a lot bigger than it is.

Wrapping Up!

If you seriously want to get the most out of your property, make it sure that you are open to suggestions. Taking into consideration practical suggestions when styling a house for sale, most especially those being given by seasoned home stagers will certainly make your house stand out among all the others on the property market in your area.