Drill Rigs for Sale in Australia

How to Find Good Quality Drill Rigs for Sale in Australia

In most oil-rich countries, oil exploration and extraction are highly profitable businesses that serve as one of their economic life bloods. However, to succeed in this business requires highly efficient drilling equipment and methods while meeting industry standards in terms of safety, reliability, and clean drilling. 

Today, industry insiders consider Australia one of the top producers and manufacturers of high-quality and efficient drilling equipment for different purposes. Drill rigs for sale in Australia are known for their quality, cutting-edge design, and innovation. Also, many Australian companies in this sector provide different core businesses, from sale and rental to servicing, modifying, designing, and building hydraulic equipment. 

Where to Start

When looking for good quality drilling rigs for sale, the best place to start is the internet. Most drill rig companies nowadays have an extensive online presence where clients can view their products, services, and company profile. 

Although there are still brick-and-mortar sellers of this equipment where you can personally check on the rig that you would want to buy, the store may not have enough models or stock for you to check since many of this equipment are pre-ordered. 

However, you can always visit their websites and check their product catalog to find the rig that perfectly suits your intended application.

Get Ready with Your Checklist

Drilling rigs come in different types, sizes, and capabilities. The most suitable is selected according to the task that is at hand. When looking for drilling equipment, rig classifications can be done using various factors, attributes, or technologies.

They can be classified by the following:

  • By power
  • By drilling method
  • By height
  • By pipe

Doing advanced research about these classifications or talking to a qualified sales representative will help understand further and deeply the explanation of these classifications. 

It is also important that you create a checklist of the things you require or look for in a rig based on the application or project where a piece of drilling equipment is needed. Knowing your budget for the equipment is also necessary for you to decide if you will go for new or used equipment. 

Qualities to Look for in Drill Rigs for Sale in Australia

Uniquely Innovative Products

When it comes to drilling rigs, innovation should be a top priority. It ensures better performance of the equipment with its cutting-edge designs, highly advanced systems, and other technologies.

The best examples of these innovations are the utilization of 3D computer modeling, communications technology, and artificial intelligence (AI), which improved occupational safety and performance.

Sustainable and Environment-Friendly Equipment

One way to answer the call for sustainable and responsible drilling is to patronize equipment that promotes emissions intensity reduction, occupational health and safety, and modification of existing equipment that needs to be re-purposed or improved.

Today’s drilling rigs are also capable of waste minimization by reducing investigation-derived waste (IDW) by up to 70-80%.

Equipment Portability, Efficiency, and Versatility

Choose drill rigs that are designed and structured in a more portable and mobile way where they can be easily transported from one place after completing your project onto your next drill site. 

Also, go for highly efficient and versatile drilling equipment that is much simpler to use and operate.


Drilling rigs play a vital role in the success of any drilling operation, be it mining, exploration, or well drilling. Buying quality and reliable drilling rigs allow you to build wells or dig holes faster with minimal effort.

For drillers to consider these factors in their buying decision, it is crucial to set the right type of budget, or else, you might find yourself limiting the number of benefits you should get from your drilling rigs. 

Lastly, remember that it is also imperative to purchase drilling equipment from a reputable manufacturer, as this will ensure that you receive the right type of customer service during the buying process.